I love vintage, just about everything about anything vintage!  When my daughter entered kindergarten in 2002 I decided to turn my love of retro and vintage into a business I could run while being a full-time mom.  I started my first Internet shop catering to reproduction retro kitchen linens and vintage finds and later opened my two Etsy shops.  The idea of using pieces of the past to create a unique home is the springboard for each of my shops, with fabric stores and estate sales being a constant source of creative inspiration.

My grandmother was a dressmaker and I am blessed to have and use some of her sewing pieces – her sewing cabinet, notions, thimbles. I would give just about anything for a day to sit and sew with her, taking in all of her knowledge.  Each of my handmade pieces is made to order and created with you in mind, coming from my 1950’s home in Southern California.

Most of my estate sale finds eventually make it to my shops. A friend asked what I look for at estate sales and I had a hard time coming up with a succinct answer. How do I explain that while I do have a few things in mind every time I enter a house – aprons, linens, vintage sewing or cookbooks – the thrill is to simply stand there and take in all of the treasures of someone’s life, hoping to find that one truly unique piece.  The “I’ll know it when I see it” philosophy is strong during my estate sale visits. In the listing description I try to give a tidbit of history along with ways the item could be used in the home or shared as a gift.

It is my wish for you that your RetroLand purchase will bring you a sense of nostalgia and sweet memories!